Quilt Giveaway!

Hey Everyone!

Trying to get this blog started…and how better than with a quilt giveaway.  I’ll get the details posted in a day or two, so stay tuned for more details.


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5 Responses to “Quilt Giveaway!”

  1. Beth DuBord Says:

    I love picking out fabrics the most. Sometimes I wil see a pattern I like and immediately start pulling fabric out of my stash even though I have umpteen UFOs. I need to be more disciplined and finish what I’ve started.

  2. Gladys Wahl Says:

    I think cutting and making that first block, is my favorite, but I love it all, and the finish is so uplifting.
    That quilt will look great in my house.

  3. summerbreeze06 Says:

    It depends on the quilt. For applique quilts, it’s the applique part, for patch quilts, I love when the rows are completed and you attach each row. The quilt just grows bigger so fast. I love putting blocks together and happy when you set them on point and they turn out great. I guess I love it all too, but I guess it’s the sewing that gets revved up.

  4. Carol O Says:

    Can’t wait to watch your Blog grow!

  5. Marion Hollingshead Says:

    Lotus RUnner. Has mistake in Pattern?

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