Garden Gate begins!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Garden Gate begins today.  The “Getting Started” and January installments are ready to download.  If you choose to do machine embroidery, you’ll need to have a 150 x 150 embroidery capability.  We’re going to use lots of pretty threads for the applique, but we’re also going to use them to add decorative stitches from your machine to the pieced blocks.  I’ll be embellishing my January blocks over the weekend and I’ll post my results to give you some ideas.  If you don’t have an embroidery machine, or just feel like doing a bit of hand embroidery, please let your creativity run amok!

If you would like to post your results, I’ll set up a section in the forum for 2014 BOM results and we share our block results and get ideas from each other.

I’ve got to get back to work…I’m on deadline.

Happy Stitchin!



30 Responses to “Garden Gate begins!”

  1. Anne Says:

    Wooppieee!! Thank you so much Christine. Love the look and layout of your quilt. Would like to do the flowers with machine emb but am curious how we get the designs. And a BIG THANK YOU for doing a size that will fit my bed. Love it, Love it. Anne
    P.S. Have been peeping all day for the fabric info. so I’m doing a happy dance now. ggg

  2. JoAnn Gamble Says:

    Excited to see a BOM for embroidery machine owners! I love pieced quilts and hand applique quilts, but so sad there are not more embroidery machine quilt opportunities out there. Great job!

  3. Jeanne Says:

    How big is 150 X 150? I only have 4×4, 5×7 and 6×10 hoops.

  4. Anne Says:

    Jeanne, 150×150 is roughly 6×6. Your 6×10 hoop will do fine but a wee bit big on the 10. If you don’t want to cut the fabric to fit the 10inch height you can always baste a piece of fabric to extend your block for embroidery. Or you can hoop the stabilizer & lightly glue your fabric onto the stabilizer, this way you don’t need extra fabric for the length to hoop. Best to baste the fabric before you embroider this way. Anne in Colorado

  5. Anne Says:

    Christine, I do hope you will create a photo page as I would love to see how you stitch around your first blocks for January. Love the idea of fancy stitching around these 1st blocks. Can’t start yet, still waiting on the fabric to arrive but I’m hopeful it will be here today so I can get started. Like to wash my fabric first. Anne in Colorado

  6. JoAnn Gamble Says:

    Anyone done any decorative stitches around the blocks yet? Would love to see your ideas! I’m drawing a blank! Maybe blue thread, or maybe white..or wait variegated. I just don’t know.

  7. Anne Says:

    Well I have washed the fabric and have started to cut out but as my sewing machine is in for a check up I’m stuck. JoAnn I was thinking of something like a feather stitch for the fancy sewing. Also thought that the second row could be a different stitch as I felt it would look nicer to use the same stitches throughout the quilt top. Anne in Colorado

  8. JoAnn Gamble Says:

    Great idea Anne. I too was thinking one type of stitch on the “inner” row and a different stitch on the outer or second row. I’ve ordered a small amount of extra fabric in the blues (always afraid of a miscut). I think I’ll make a sample of my available stitches, then I’ll choose. I can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas! Have you given thought to a thead color?

  9. Anne Says:

    Glad you are with me even though I didn’t explain very well. My squares are going to be greens with a cream background. Still waiting on my sewing machine. UGH!! Also wondering what colour to stitch onto green perhaps once the squares are put together it will help. On blue you could use a lighter blue and a darker blue at least with a nice contrast. Could do the same with the green. That would help them blend in well as I think you want to notice the flowers more than the squares. Have no idea where to put photos when I get mine done. This waiting is beastly.

  10. Florence Says:

    Loving this BOM. Can you tell me when February will be up?

  11. Florence Says:

    When will June be up?

  12. Fran Says:

    When is Septembers BOM coming. Very anxious. Thanks

  13. Florence Says:

    I too am looking for September. Thanks

  14. Fran Says:

    Has anyone received their September BOM yet?

  15. SoBuzy Says:

    No I have not either but it is a busy time of year! I will patiently wait!

  16. Florence Says:

    Does anyone know if she is OK or anything? Does anyone know anything?

  17. Fran Says:

    How disappointing not to get September’s bom, and here it is October. Are the pieces going to sit unfinished??? I will CRY LOUDLY.

  18. Lisa Says:

    i haven’t been able to download sept or oct BOM, is it me or a delay?

  19. Florence Says:

    Lisa, it is not you. I don’t think anyone can. I wish someone could tell us what is going on and if we will be getting the rest or not.

  20. JoAnn Says:

    I am absolutely at a loss. You would think that someone, such as the creator/owner of “Project House 360”, would be considerate as to an explanation of the problem if indeed there is a problem.. If the BOM has been cancelled, so be it. If there has been a delay, so be it. If we have gotten all we are going to get, so be it. I will move on to another project. In light of the poor communication, this will be the last Project House 360 BOM for me.

  21. Lisa Says:

    I meant “just to become an unfinished project

  22. Nona Says:

    I received a response from Christine on 11/13, stating that she had major technical problems but she was back on line. She thought she would start updating the site that weekend but so far I haven’t seen any updates.

  23. drakesneststudios Says:

    I hope that this BOM will finish out and that Christine is okay. It’s hard to be patient when one has invested time and materials and have a project hit a snag. It would be nice if she would let everyone know 1) she is okay, the most important, 2) will the BOM finish and when we can expect the rest of the blocks.

  24. Florence Says:

    I too hope she is ok but I am moving on. I have already started using my uncut fabric and my blocks are going in the orphan pile. Just gone on too long with no response.

  25. Fran Says:

    That is so inconsiderate of Christine, We didn’t ask for this free BOM she offered it for free, now complete your obligation or have the decency to let everyone know what is going on. Not too much to ask!!!!!

  26. linda- mae Says:

    dear Christine will you be finishing this BOM we all inverted a lot time and material into your free BOM

    • Nona Says:

      I think she’s gone out of business. If you look at her site, the telephone number has been removed. I have tried several times to email her but she never responds. I am saddened every time I see my ufo sitting in a box.

  27. Gloria Says:

    This is the most disappointing behavior Christine. I absolutely loved this BOM and now just left several wonderful ladies up in the air. Please let us know your intentions to eventually finish or not.

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