New Patterns Uploaded!

It’s been very busy in the studio lately.  The studio has moved and I’ve just uploaded 28 new patterns.  I hope you’ll enjoy them!

I’ve also posted the new installment of Garden Gate, so check it out!

Another cool thing is the Mystery Workshop I’ll be teaching at Craftsy.  I’m so excited for this to begin!  It starts August 1, 2014.  Check it out here:

Happy quilting everyone!



33 Responses to “New Patterns Uploaded!”

  1. Jo-Ann Hayes Says:

    I am just starting your BOM and I cannot get the “Getting Started” and the April design into my cart. Can you help?
    When I click on “Getting Started” I get the January block and when I click on the April design I get an error on the page.
    I was successful with Jan, Feb, Mar, May June and July….. Please help.

  2. Denese Damhuis Says:

    Love the BOM but I am can’t get Septembers to open so I can print it off. Any help appricated. I have upgraded my abode, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

  3. Fran Says:

    Denese, we’re all waiting for Sept BOM it hasn’t been posted yet

  4. Denese Says:

    Thanks Fran
    Thought it was my computer

  5. Betty Says:

    When will the September BOM be sent?

  6. bquilt from Canada Says:

    Patiently waiting for the September block.

    This is a really nice BOM. Thanks.


  7. linda Says:

    i thought it was my computer that I couldn’t download Sept block..don’t want to miss it and it is now October. I love the design. Linda

  8. Fran Says:

    Has anyone heard anything about our Sept and Oct BOMs? Or, has everyone given up, I’m still hoping something will happen soon.

  9. Dolores Says:

    It seems that there are a lot of us waiting – and waiting – and waiting for the installments.

  10. Abi Buening (@1apple_blossom) Says:

    waiting for Sept and Oct. BOM to be available.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  11. Nona Says:

    Very discouraged about the BOM. Waiting for September, October and now it’s less than a week before November. I’ve sent many emails and not a single response. Guess this is an abandoned project. 😦

  12. JoAnn Says:

    I am absolutely at a loss. You would think that someone, such as the creator/owner of “Project House 360″, would be considerate as to an explanation of the problem if indeed there is a problem.. If the BOM has been cancelled, so be it. If there has been a delay, so be it. If we have gotten all we are going to get, so be it. I will move on to another project. In light of the poor communication, this will be the last Project House 360 BOM for me.

  13. 2huismuise Says:

    When will you people learn that you can’t DEMAND something when it is free?????
    Move on if the project is not good enough to wait for.
    Just don’t start to huff & puff and demand as if you have a right to have it!!

    • Nona Says:

      Wow, I don’t read any post of someone DEMANDING the rest of the pattern. I read posts about concerns for both the people offering the BOM and if this is an abandoned project. Yes, the pattern was offered at no charge but speaking for myself, I have spent a lot of money on fabric & supplies for this BOM and I have spent many hours creating it. We all have been patient but when no one gets an response to emails (I’ve sent four in three months), it’s only appropriate to wonder what is going on. I think this group is pretty relaxed when you consider how many of us are affected. I’ve packed my BOM away for now and am moving on.

  14. bquilt from Canada Says:

    Now that it’s November, and there’s been nothing in the way of communication, I’m beginning to worry about Monique Dillard, owner of this site.

    I sincerely hope that the stalled BOM is not a sign that something has happened to her or someone in her family.


  15. Tissy Says:

    I visit everyday in hopes that something will happen or someone will let us know what is going on.

    • Nona Says:

      I received a response from Christine at Project House on 11/13 stating they have been having major equipment meltdowns for several months. She stated that she thought she would start updating the BOM over the weekend.

      That was a week ago and I don’t see any evidence that any updates have been done.

  16. Fran Says:

    Nona, I’m. so glad to hear you heard something from someone.
    Thank you for letting us know. THERE IS HOPE. I guess I’ll get my stuff out and have it ready. Thank you again

  17. Tommye Says:

    Are we going to get the last 4 months of the Garden Gate Block of the month

  18. Fredonia Says:

    any word yet on bom for 2014?

  19. Dolores (Typy) Says:

    Whatever happened to the Garden Gate BOM 2014????

  20. tissy Says:

    i am so very sad about this bom…so disappointed 😦

  21. fredonia Says:

    Christine, are you reading your comments? Are you all right? What happened to your class, was it a good one?
    Would you please consider telling us a little about what is going on in your life? inquiring minds want to know

  22. Meand Says:

    You know what? I think I can figure out the last 4 on my own. if the yellow one is sept. then use block D as guide. the dark purple petals=6 and 6 are needed for the yellow flowers. For oct. the purple use block C and overlap 2 petals all around and you end up with 4 petals. use a leaf and modify for in between petals. then use block J outer flowers and fit to size…For block nov. use center flower from block B but add a petal making all petals touch for total of 5 but tape together to make a one piece center. enlarge center for the outside of the flower like block B. We already have most the flowers for the border. What do you think??

  23. Fran Says:

    I have glanced at the blocks you were talking about and I think it could very well work.the way you say Meand. Thanks

  24. tissy Says:

    You’re right gals! I think i can make it work! 😉

  25. someone Says:

    does anyone know of another site that sells her patterns? this one appears abandoned. thanks!

    • Joyce Says:

      She has patterns on various other sites. I just googled her name and they listed several places that have her patterns.

  26. Peter Greer Says:


  27. Alice Says:

    I am trying to get the paddlewheel quilt pattern that Christine stain brook made , I have searched everywhere can anyone help

  28. Coralee Armstrong Says:

    I am making Christine Stainbrook’s Lost at Sea. The cutting instructions for example “Aqua dot 4 template M rev (D)” . Does the “rev” mean reverse the template when cutting?

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