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Late Nights

March 26, 2018

Well, it’s the wee hours of the morning and sleep just isn’t happening.  So…I decided to knit for a while.  Here’s the current project.


I’m writing a pattern for a beaded lace scarf. I found some very interesting yarn at my local yarn shop.  It’s “Sunseeker” by Cascade Yarns in a DK weight and is a cotton/acrylic/metallic blend. It has very small iridescent sparkles in it that reminded me of grains of sand on the beach, sparkling in the sun.  I thought it would make a cool scarf. I’m adding beads at the peak of the lace motifs for fun as well. I purchased three skeins, so we’ll see how much I’m going to use.  I might even have some left over for something else…yay!

I’m also going to be working the Harmony Blanket Knit Along! that I stumbled upon when I found  Underground Crafter’s blog.  My yarn has been ordered and I’m just waiting for delivery!  I think that’s the hardest part.  Can’t wait to get started! I’ve decided that if I make two of each square I’ll get a 48″ x 72″ throw.  Great to cozy up with on a cold day!

Keep you posted on my progress!